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Directory of Activities

We have the richest directory of activities for teenagers online, with unique ideas focusing on team building and group play, Christmas, Easter and Halloween themed activities, positive reinforcement and skills based projects, activities and games for teens, youth groups and high school students.

Motivational and Inspirational Quotes

Uplifting sayings, quotes and snappy comebacks for teenagers, high school and college students provide encouragement to those in need.

Career Planning

Don’t know where to start? Check out our step by step guide to career planning for senior high school and college students and teenagers.

Getting to know yourself – what will be a suitable future career for high school students? What subjects should you major in university or college? Don’t know? Take our personality test for teenagers.

Need to get good grades? Focus on study skills

Our articles on study skills include guides and tips for time management, organization, exam techniques, improving note taking and concentration and more for high school and college students.

Cover letters and resume writing

Cover letters for job applicationsresume writing tips and free resume templates are available for your use. The templates range from those suitable for first time job seekers to those who have some work experience for high school and college students.

Interview tips

Got an interview? Check out our crucial interview tips as part of your preparation for the interview.

Job search

Check out our latest news and articles on youth and high school student job seekers including highest paying jobs for teenagers and high school and college students and youth employment rights.

Interested in becoming a writer?

Learn how to become a writer with our writing tips and enter into writing competitions. Search for writing opportunities for teenagers, high school and college students as a job option.

Difficulties with school and anti-social behaviors

From ADHD and depression to other behavioral concerns, our articles offer suggestions on how to overcome such issues and prevent them from affecting your career.

The Social Life for Teenagers section cover a range of topics categorized as follows: