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Tutorials, lesson plans, articles and resources on high school courses and high school programs including writing guides and articles, computer courses, web development and web design tutorials, multimedia development and digital tutorials and more.


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Writers’ Guild

Interaction Talks | Writers Guild

Articles and resources on writing including becoming a writer, literary genres, writing opportunities, writing tips, getting published, entering into competitions and more. These articles and resources are directed at students who intend to embark on a writing career, whether full-time or part-time.

Latest writers’ guild resources

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Webmaster High School Lessons

Teens in Web Development

Webmaster tutorials, information and resources including website performance, website troubleshooting, search engine optimization, website revenue optimization and website marketing tutorials. For high school students interested in a career or job as a webmaster.

Latest webmaster tutorials and lessons

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Web Design High School Lessons

Teens in Web DesignWhat is web design, how to become a web designer, how to create good websites and unique web content for users, competing with other designers and web developers and other articles, information and resources on web design.

Latest web design tutorials and lessons

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Multimedia Development High School Lessons

Teens in Multimedia DevelopmentWhat is multimedia development, how to become involved in multimedia development, what courses to take, becoming an intern in a multimedia development firm, articles, information and resources on multimedia and more.

Latest multimedia development tutorials and lessons

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