Social Life

Articles, stories, news and resources on social life and social issues of today

This section contains articles, news and resources on social life of teenagers, social skills and social issues affecting teens and high school students today. From driving and legal rights of teenagers to teen relationship, health and body issues, the resources are written from an independent and factual point of view based on in-depth research and without any sides or religious opinions influencing the articles.

Article resources and research

The resources are aimed at providing students and teens with a clear overview of issues, challenges and important topics of today including teen mental health and anti-social behaviors, teen pregnancy, teen safe sex, abortion, gay marriage, discrimination and more.

All sources of information have been acknowledged on our Acknowledgement page.

Resource categories

Categories of articles, news and resources on social life of teenagers and high school students include:

  1. Healthy living, looks and body
    1. Acne in Teenagers
    2. Teen Nutrition
    3. Teen Exercise
    4. Teenage Fashion
  2. Mind and behavior
    1. ADHD in Teenagers
    2. Teen Depression
    3. Eating Disorders in Teenagers
    4. Troubled Teens
  3. Social issues
    1. Teen Driving and Safety
    2. Legal Rights of Teenagers
    3. Teenage Relationships
    4. Teenage Pregnancy
    5. Teen Safe Sex


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