High School Students Group Mural Art Project – Painting the Mural

After completing the preparations needed for the group mural art project (undertaken as a community service idea for teenagers ... Continue Reading →

Community Service – Group Mural Art Project for Teenagers and High School Students

Group mural art project as a great community service idea for teens and high school students Murals are a popular choice ... Continue Reading →

Community Service Ideas: Complete List of Activities

A complete list of community service ideas for high school students and teenagers is contained here. ... Continue Reading →
Community Garden Project

Community Garden Project for High School Students

If you are a high school student or a teacher in charge of high school students, and you are thinking of building a community ... Continue Reading →
Green Environment Community Service Ideas for the Environment

Green Environment: Community Service Ideas for the Environment

Think green! Environmentally friendly projects for teenagers and high school students Take part in protecting the environment. ... Continue Reading →
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