Teen Acne: Complete List of Articles

A complete list of articles and resources on teen acne is contained here. What are Pimples and Acne? ... Continue Reading →

Acne Scars and Acne Scars Treatment

Acne scars and acne scars treatment overview Acne scars form after acne lesions are healed. Even without picking, squeezing ... Continue Reading →

Alternative Ways to Treat Acne in Teenagers

Alternative procedures to treat acne These include: light therapy; laser resurfacing therapy; cosmetic procedures such as: skin ... Continue Reading →

Teen Acne Medication for Moderate to Severe Acne

Overview of acne medication in treatment of moderate to severe acne Stronger acne medication can be prescribed by a health ... Continue Reading →

Health Supplement Remedies for Acne in Teenagers

Are there health or nutritional supplements that work as remedies for acne? Most health or nutritional supplements promoted ... Continue Reading →

Home Remedies: OTC Acne Creams

Creams or gels as acne home remedies If you are (or your teen is) still getting acne or pimples despite following the steps ... Continue Reading →

Home Acne Care for Teenagers

How should teens with acne care for their skin at home? A home acne care regime should be simple to follow on a daily basis. ... Continue Reading →

What are Pimples and Acne?

Teen acne overview Acne is a disease of the pilosebaceous units (PSUs). PSUs consist of a sebaceous gland connected to a ... Continue Reading →
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