High School Students Group Mural Art Project – Painting the Mural

After completing the preparations needed for the group mural art project (undertaken as a community service idea for teenagers and high school students), the team can start on the painting of the mural. A number of techniques can be used to paint the mural. Historically, murals were painted affresco (meaning, freshly painted on plaster of a wall or ceiling) using one of the following techniques:

  • Buon fresco – painting in pigment mixed with water on wet plaster
  • Fresco-secco – painting on dry plaster
  •  Mezzo-fresco – painting on nearly dry plaster

In most cases, you will be painting on dry plaster unless the mural is to be painted on wood.

Painting the mural

(E) Identify roles and responsibilities

First, identify who is doing what. It is important to make sure that all team members have a specific role and corresponding responsibilities. This keeps the group mural art project organised and encourages the group to remain motivated. Roles can include:

  • Financier – keeps track of how much the group is spending
  • Purchaser – purchases the necessary equipment and paints and makes sure that they do not run out during the project
  • Scheduler – prepares the project schedule for team members, especially if the project is to take more than a week
  • Communications personnel – liaises with the community and stakeholders on the project
  • Photographer – records videos of the project and takes photographs for the team
  • Project manager – manages the project for the group

(F) Draw an outline of the mural

After the planning stage is complete, the group can proceed to draw an outline of the mural on the wall. If the mural is to be drawn and painted on wooden panels, the wood surface might need to be prepped first e.g. sanding the surface.

Likewise, a wall that already has marks or a mural on it may need to be cleaned first.

(G) Insert names into each part of the outline

The easiest and cleanest way to make sure that the group knows what they should be painting and colors they need to be using is to insert their names and the names of colors in each part of the outline.

(H) Paint the mural

Encourage the least experienced team members of the group to buddy with a more experienced member. This lowers the risk of painting mistakes happening such as painting the wrong color or applying the wrong painting technique resulting in a less ‘professional’ looking mural.

(I) Clean up and plan for the next day

Before leaving the project site at the end of every day or painting session, it is important to clean up, conduct an inventory of equipment and paints before locking them away.

An inventory will assist in deciding whether enough paints or other equipment need to be replaced or additions to be purchased.

(J) Celebrate the completion of the group mural art project!

Once the mural is completed, hold a celebratory event or party to unveil the mural to the community.


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