My Life-Changing Diet: losing and maintaining weight for life

Not a fad diet but nutrition for life

We all (most of us) know which diets will work and we all know what’s good for us. But for many of us yo-yo dieters, our willpower seemingly fails us time and time again because we don’t stick to the plan we’ve chosen. So what’s a life-changing diet and more importantly, how do we stick to it?

I’d like to invite all of you readers to join me in my quest for a life-changing diet – one I can stick to and one I can maintain for life.

Having gone through years and years of dieting, bingeing, purging, starving and more (read = doing the stupid things we girls (and guys) do to get to an unrealistic weight without even talking about Eating Disorders…), I’ve decided to build my own life-changing diet, an eating and exercise plan that works for me.

I’ve tried practically all diets out there – low carb, high protein, intermittent fasting, Weight Watchers, OptiFast, clean eating, calorie counting, intuitive eating and have participated in many diet forums along with the diets that I’ve tried. In all cases, I always was able to last for 6 months, the most before I quit.

What’s My Life-Changing Diet?

This isn’t some diet plan that I’ve found on the internet or some book I’ve read. Rather, it’s an accumulation of the knowledge I’ve gained over the years. I haven’t exactly found what works best so hence, I’m embarking on a journey of discovery. I call this quest “My Life-Changing Diet” because if, after one year of maintaining the weight I want to maintain on without bingeing, I think I’ve found something good.

At the end of the day, the science of dieting has never changed since the beginning of mankind. If you consume more calories than you expend, you gain weight and if you consume less calories than you use, you lose weight. There may be individual outliers who find it more difficult than others to shed the pounds off but the energy in/energy out principle remains true.

In this post, I’ve summarized my diet and exercise plan (which will likely change very frequently) and the lessons learnt for the benefit of others who are struggling in the hope that you can copy, modify and use it for your own journey. I hope you will be able to follow me and I’d love to hear comments from you.

Why journal?

The one thing I have never done in the past was to document my weight loss journey. This time, I would like to do so to keep me accountable. I chose this specific site to keep my journal because it’s easy and it’s a site for teenagers. If there was one single piece of advice I could have given my teenage self would be to not have learnt how to purge. Unfortunately, I did learn about purging in boarding school and that gave me an excuse to binge, and I’ve not stopped bingeing and purging since then.

Now, I’d expect you to think about eating disorders but this isn’t something I’d like to do because this quest for a life-changing diet is something positive. If anyone needs more information or advice about eating disorders, treatment options and so on, have a look at the Self-Help Guide for Eating Disorders or consult your doctor.

Life-changing diet and exercise plan

First of all, I have (and you must) acknowledge 2 things:

  1. It’s not easy to change habits; and
  2. It’s not a quick fix.

So when I say life-changing diet, it means just that. A nutrition plan for life. This is especially if you’re like me – someone who likes all the carbs, sweets, pastries and other yummy stuff.

For me, my biggest challenge is maintaining. I find it relatively easy to lose weight but long-term maintenance is difficult. My plan (at this stage) is to go on a high protein, low carb diet and use the treadmill!

As I said before, my plans will likely change as I fine-tune it so it’s important that it is flexible enough to suit my changing needs and requirements.

My weekly results

I’ll update each week my progress here and link my post on the week’s detailed findings here too.

My height is 5’5″ and I’m starting out with the following stats:
Date: 8/19/2017
Weight: 143lbs

Week 1

  • Date: 8/26/2017
  • Weight: 142.4lbs
  • Diet plan:
    • Dukan Diet (Days 1 and 2)
    • Calorie counting (Days 3 to 7)
  • Ave cals: 1551 cals/day (higher than I wanted. First week is always the hardest!)
  • Ave steps: 13,848

Details of Week 1 can be found in the next post of my journal.

Week 2
Date: 9/2/2017

Will update on the 9th!


About the author

I’m a 40-something lawyer and mother of 3 and a food lover but am totally hopeless in the kitchen! I love cooking and food shows, reading recipes and never ever attempting anything I see and read. My favorite pastime is hiking around the beautiful bushlands around where I live.

If you would like to get in touch with me, please feel free to contact Interactiontalks’ administrators.


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