Positive Reinforcement Game: Self Esteem Activity for Teenagers

Self esteem activities for teenagers – Positive Reinforcement Game

Main aim: Teenagers are encouraged to name positive characteristics about themselves and their families


  • Name: Positive Reinforcement Game
  • Type: Self esteem activities for teenagers
  • Participants: Individuals in a small group (around 5 participants)
  • Duration: 45-60 minutes
  • Preparation: None
  • Materials: One sheet of paper for each participant and a pen for writing


Use these instructions as a guide for the activity. It must be stressed to the participants that they should be thinking of positive characteristics only.

Note: For better outcomes, the list of positive characteristics below may be circulated to participants before the game starts.

If the activity is played in a group, have all participants sitting on a chair in a circle facing each other.

Hand out the sheet of paper to each participant.

Ask the participants to write their names on the sheet of paper and then hand the sheet to the person on their left.

The participants must then write down one good characteristic of the person whose name is on the sheet of paper.

The participants should hand the sheet to another participant on their left.

Again, the participants must write down one good characteristic of the person whose name is on the sheet of paper.

The game continues until all participants have taken a turn writing each others’ positive characteristics.

The participants must hand the sheet to you.


Discuss with the participants how they feel about the characteristics that have been written about them. Some questions:

  • do they feel that the characteristic is true of them?
  • if not, why not as others think that the characteristic is appropriate?
  • did they feel good reading about what was written?
  • how about their families and friends, what positive characteristics do they see in their families and friends?

Positive characteristics list

  • loving
  • loyal
  • modest
  • neat
  • optimistic
  • sociable
  • sympathetic
  • diligent
  • easygoing
  • patient
  • polite
  • reliable
  • sensible
  • sincere
  • hard-working
  • helpful
  • honest
  • kind
  • thoughtful
  • warmhearted
  • adventurous
  • brave
  • bright
  • calm
  • careful
  • communicative
  • compassionate
  • conscientious
  • considerate
  • courteous
  • creative
  • determined
  • enthusiastic
  • faithful
  • friendly
  • funny
  • generous
  • gentle


The activity challenges the participants in the following ways:

  • to identify a positive characteristic in another person.
  • to describe how they see themselves.
  • to discover ways to build self confidence.


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    Love this game. We used it in one of our group sessions during camp but changed it from writing to saying the positive characteristics.

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